Team Expedited

Speed is a key component of a successful business. Quick decision making can save you time and money. In addition, companies that respond quickly inspire more trust among customers.

If you’re a scheduler who prides himself on delivering on time and as promised, then our Expedited Freight Services is perfect for you.

Alliance Cargo offers:

  • direct shipping. Our experts think through the route, eliminating unnecessary stops and transfers and, ultimately, reducing the cost of possible damage and transportation time. In some cases, we use two drivers at once, so that the delivery of your cargo is carried out without interruption;
  • tracking systems. You will be aware of where your cargo is and what happens to it at any time. It will also help calculate the exact time of arrival of the goods;
  • flexibility. No matter you need a Full Truck Load or Less than Truck Load, we will meet your needs for expedited delivery with the most efficient method of transportation.
  • qualified customer support where you can receive regular updates and constant communication regarding your shipments.

When is expedited shipping available? It is the perfect logistics solution for the medical, pharmaceutical, and e-commerce industries. This method of delivery guarantees the preservation of the quality of the goods. If you need to get your cargo to its destination faster and more efficiently than traditional shipping services.

Alliance Cargo offers a complete set of solutions for urgent freight transport across the country. Our team are professionals with many years of experience. We can deliver your goods faster and guarantee the safety of your valuable cargo.