Full truck load

Full truck load is the direct cargo delivery from the point A to point B. FLT using the full space and weight capacity of a given truck.

Features of Full truckload:

  • The transit time for Full Truck Load is less, compared to LTL. So FLT is a perfect option for companies that need to transport freight in large quantities.
  • Most efficient mode of transportation for large shipments and shipments over a certain size.
  • Less handling and less likely to be lost or damaged as the trailer is only loaded with your cargo and is carefully sealed.
  • Less size and weight restrictions.
  • It is the best delivery if need to transport certain goods that cannot be mixed with other types of goods.
  • Goods that are temperature-sensitive are ideally sent as FTL.

A full truckload is usually the carriage of a single type of cargo, for example, it can be food ⎼ cereals and pulses. But transportation of soaps with food items would be a strict no-no in full truckloads. The haulage could be by a general purpose (GP) container (Dry Van), a flatbed, a refrigerated container, etc.

It is important that the goods are packed and stowed properly if using FTL the container is not completely filled. Otherwise, it may be damaged during transportation. You also need to analyze the cost and benefits of transporting FTL. Benchmarking with less than a truck load is also critical. Failure to comply with this rule may result in additional unnecessary costs.

We pick up the trailers in accordance with your demands. The drivers get all the needed documentation and instructions to carry out the transfer of the shipment. We offer top-notch and customized or specialized fleet to meet your specific needs and help you to relocate high value or heavy haul items in a cost – and time-efficient manner.